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Second edition of Designing with LibreOffice available for free download

Designing with LibreOffice cover

Bruce Byfield and Jean Hollis Weber announce the second edition of Designing with LibreOffice. The book is available as an .ODT or .PDF file under the Creative Commons Attribution/Sharealike License version 4.0 or later from The first edition was published in 2016, and was downloaded over thirty-five thousand times. Michael Meeks, one of the …

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New book: Taming AOO 4.1 Writer

Cover of Taming AOO 4.1 Writer

Taming Apache OpenOffice 4.1 Writer is a reformatted and rebranded version of an update to an old OOo 3.x Writer Guide by members of the AOO Documentation Team. A free download of the PDF is available here. Low-cost printed copies are available from

New book: Taming AOO 4.1 Getting Started

Cover of Taming AOO 4.1

If you’re still using AOO (instead of switching to LibreOffice), you probably don’t need a book, but I’ve done one anyway. Taming Apache OpenOffice 4.1: Getting Started has been updated (from my book of the same name for v3.4) by me and members of the AOO Documentation Team, and reformatted and rebranded by me. A …

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New book: Designing with LibreOffice

Bruce Byfield’s much-anticipated book, Designing with LibreOffice has been published by Friends of OpenDocument, Inc. Read about it here or jump straight to the download/buy page to get a free PDF or buy a printed copy. Most of the information in this book applies to Apache OpenOffice as well as to LibreOffice. Major differences are …

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