What is Apache OpenOffice (OpenOffice.org)?

EDIT July 2022: Well, as you can see, now and then I drop in here with some news.

EDIT December 2018: Most of the material formerly on this site has been removed, because it is obsolete.

EDIT September 2016: If you are using, or considering using, Apache OpenOffice, please see this article for some information on why you should consider LibreOffice instead.

EDIT 2014: I am no longer maintaining this blog and website, because I am no longer using this program for my daily work. I am using LibreOffice, a descendent of the old OpenOffice.org. It is developed by an active and enthusiastic community. I have a blog about it here: Taming LibreOffice.

Apache OpenOffice (AOO) is another descendent of OpenOffice.org (OOo), starting with version 3.4. It’s now at version 4.1.12.